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RODA Songwriting Camp

A songwriting camp like no other.


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    Terms & policies

    RODA Studios receives 10% of each song written during the scheduled co-writing sessions. Attribution as a writer and artist on those songs should be credited to RODA Publishing. The remaining 90% of each song written during RODA Songwriting Camp in the scheduled co-writing sessions at each writing camp is evenly split between the remaining writers participating in each writing session.

    In the event that additional writers are added to one of these songs in the future, RODA Studios retains 10% of the song, and the additional writers’ portion must come out of the remaining 90% of the song.



    By attending a RODA Camp, campers give permission to RODA Studios to record them in visual and auditory formats. RODA Studios retains the right to use any attenders' name, image, and likeness captured during the camp, including photography and video, for any purpose including the promotion of the RODA Studios brand.

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